The kitten

The kitten bit our eyelids in the night.
My husband thought he did it out of spite

I think the cat was lonely when he came

He grew up and sometimes he was tame

later on he hunted in the night

He came back with the milkman at first light.

We took him out Essex for the day

I thought he would enjoy the meadows gay.

I love the fields of linseed in the sun.

A blue like ceanothus over run.

I wrapped him in my cardigan of wool.

¹ he looked out through the window saw the bull.

I do not think a bull would love to ride.

In my husband’s car with cat beside.

We met some on the Pennine way last year

Keep on going, cautious yet serene

Don’t let yourself get locked into their stare.

In life we cannot linger in the dreams.

When the goings hard we want to scream.

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