Are teachers and others mentally ill if they can’t work for far more hours ?

Teacher’s mental health suffers due to overwork the newspapers say.

Does that imply that if you are mentally healthy you can work vast numbers if hours a week and stay up half the night doing preparation you can stay up the whole night and then teach all day and then you will really mental healthty won’t you

In other words people are not mentally ill if they can’t cope with a huge workload. Perhaps they are over conscientious and should simply not prepare lessons And not help children who are suffering from the effects of the lockdowns moreover they could spend less time preparing for parent teacher meetings and I know this would have a very bad effect on the children. This phrase mental health is being overused.I

It is the environment that is sick not the people working there

Would you say garment workers in Asia are mentally ill they are exhausted Angeanxious and worried with the terrible conditions that they have to work in for very low pay?

Mental health is not a condition that enable us to be overworked and made use of

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