The suicide and murdering of Europe


I often think that WW2 never ended.Indeed WW1 didn’t end properly.There was an armistice not a victory.France and Britain stole the Ottoman Empire and divided it up between them. The countries in the Middle East were an invention.
Germany was crippled with reparation payments which led them to invest in the USA.The Wall Street Crash in 1929 caused inflation of monumental size.Panic and hate spread allowing  the Nazis to get  into power.
After the extent of the Holocaust was revealed, was it assumed that the remaining Jews would forget it just as the traumatised soldiers and civilians were expected to forget their terrible suffering? And   all the grief and loss… where was that meant to go?
Was killing all those people the beginning of the end for Europe?I have seen it referred to as Europe’s suicide.Does every being,state or civilisation desire its own end as Thanatos and Eros fight it out  yet again?
The Jews never got much help.Along with some other displaced people they still had nowhere to go to after the survivors were released. from Auschwitchz and other  such horrors.They were still in camps several years after the  War ended.Nobody wanted them despite the fact they appear more intelligent than many other people [ see Nobel Prizes].
Israel seems like an inevitable consequence yet one can see they are vulnerable being so small a country.One nuclear bomb would be the end.And the people they displaced endured great suffering and still do.So did the War ever end properly and in a way that people could rebuild from? i don’t think so.And now we are veering in the same direction.

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