Verbal abuse

Oh I am so fed up being alone

Well it is your own fault for being so introverted.

Please don’t get angry with me

Why shouldn’t I, you are pathetic.

If so why are you here?

Well I love you

Oh don’t be distressed by my ingratitude.i was born dim.

But you can talk.

Stop arguing

Don’t tell me what to say.

I am only trying to help you.

To the loony bin.

Why,are you seeing things?

Have you seen them too?

Yes, it’s the Government.

Why are they here?

To drive us mad.

We are mad at already

Yes it is too boring

So let’s have therapy

With whom,?

If we get visions we may see Freud.

Does he speak English?

In my dreams.

You are so clever

How do you know?

I am the same!

7 thoughts on “Verbal abuse

      1. I was assuming I was reading your inner voice, a sort of duel between the id and the superego. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our critical inner voice is the voice of fear. We can talk back to it. It’s doesn’t have any extra information than the better part of ourselves. It just sees the world from the darkest part of ourselves. It needs to be soothed and loved, I’ve found. I’m always working on soothing that voice inside myself. It always helps when someone reminds me. 🙂

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