By Katherine

I remember mother’s beauty and her coal stained and cracked hands
Each little line was etched in black, like a map to other lands
She always wore an apron that she made from an old dress
How I loved my mother,I did I must confess.

I remember mother’s beauty and the row of nappy pins
She always wore them like a brooch, while we kids made a din
The baby had her rusks and milk, she had a little pot
She slept inside a cradle then she moved into a cot

I remember most Mam’s cooking, the apple dumplings steamed
The kettle too sat on the fire , I played and then I dreamed
She had a tin of buttons, she was ace at making clothes
She knitted like an acrobat to forget her many woes

Her daddy was a miner till he had a heart attack
He came home black and dusty, then he filled his old tin bath
When he retired he got a dog, he loved her very well
He called her Lassie for her name, she was beautiful , my belle

Her daddy came to see us after our own daddy died
He helped our mother with odd jobs, then we all ate scones and cried


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Would you like a massage?

I’ve never cooked one yet.

Could you use a banana?

I need a hammer for this job.

Would you like a packed lunch?

It will take more than lunch to get a pact signed.

Why does corn flake?

It thinks it’s snow

Why do blood vessels narrow?

To make themselves thinner.

How do you spell artery?

Good guess.

Why is this a bad time for sex?

We don’t need them in South Africa

What is a plateau?

The female form of platoon

So how about cartoon?

The masculine form of cart

How about the eau?

Leave it off.


I drank it

Hope the cartwheels were clean.

Do stop panicking.

Where is he?

With Mrs King.