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      • Jennifer Hornsby32M AGOReplying to J OSo now you acknowledge the state could do more—just as I would acknowledge that (as “Rishi” says) there are limits to what the state can do. Myself I think that in present circumstances, the best option is a once-off wealth tax. But then I’m someone who’d prefer 1.3 million who’d remain very comfortably off to take a bit of a hit than for 1.3 million to be pushed into poverty.

Dear black people


Young black males in London were 19 times more likely to be stopped and searched than the general population, a study of official data shows.

The tactic, dogged by claims of racial profiling, was concentrated in deprived areas, and the success rate for searches turning up something potentially unlawful had fallen from two years ago, the research by University College London’s institute for global city policing found.

Researchers examined official stop and search data in the capital from July to September