Smartphones Band in Hospital for patients only.

Operations Band in theatre for 3 hours

Band Books not in library today.

God Band from Hell.Don’t miss it

Sin Bànd in the Vatican tonight

Band People stand here for group photo

Whites Band on beach before midnight.Complaints to lawyers banned.

Ban yourself from the Banners’ List.Only £20 or will take Offense instead Just leave a selfie

Apple trees are trampled on

Tolstoy loved his apple trees

Now Kiev fights as children weep.

Be merciful,but Putin smiles.

Up my throat I feel black bile.

The trees are savaged by the tanks.

As roubles plummet in the banks.

As sudden as a heart attack

The Russian missiles can’t turn back.

Without premonition

A soldier kills me with his gun

With the many ghosts of war

How can Europe fall so far

Evolution is a myth.

Hitler used it to kill with

Who are the fittest,who the least?

Who the devil,who the priest?

The tide turns and life alters

Have  you ever had a dream,
That you were all alone?
Have you lived with someone handsome,
With a heart like a cold stone?
Have you drowned in deep,cold rivers,
And been lost in shadowed caves?
Have you lived with too much fusion,
Till you drowned in ghostly waves?
The waves run down the seashore,
Then up they come once more.
The tide turns and life alters..
Deep on that ocean floor.
You were so beautiful and silent,
Like a sword without its sheath.
I  wish I’d let you take me,
The way you took away my breath