Still here

Doctor,I think my husband has something wrong with him.
Thank God, I thought he was dead!

Doctor,I have a pain in my bed
Oh,do stop moving,

Doctor,my head feels strange.
Can’t you just laugh it off?

Doctor,where is the receptionist?
She’s at a reception.

Doctor,you look worn out.
I shall take two aspirin and see myself in the morning.

The mouse cemetery

I hope to get well enough to go somewhere were euthanasia is legal then buy a flat.

By Katherine

Try Tunbridge Wells.

But it’s not legal.

Come on Don’t be so cowardly

It’s braver to live.

When you leave this place turn right for my house or left for the Jewish Cemetery.

But Jews are forbidden to use euthanasia

What about Jesus?

It wasn’t Euthanasia!

It was Eastern Asia.

But was it Moral?

I have no sense of direction

Can we understand?

By Katherine

I am going to feel very angry
Will he let you?

I feel intense hatred for my wife
That’s very kind of you

I feel very down
Is it better than goose down?

I hate my brother
I bet he does too.

I hate my untidy habits
How do they feel?

I don’t want to work nor rely on a man
Your grammar is excellent

I am getting tired of hunting for new recipes
Why not buy them?

Shall I have a cheese sandwich or a bacon one?
Have you no eggs?

Shall I take a Master’s Degree or go round the world?
I’ll be interested to see that

I hate shopping for clothes
How about stealing them?

Will I ever get better?
What do you think?

Have I got a virus as I fear?
No, you have it while you are relaxed.

Shall I take the Oxford entrance?
No, leave it.

Shall I read Medicine?
No, swallow it

I do hate the way buttons fall off my coat
I don’t like gravity either

I am afraid of topology
You are so conceited

I hate it when my thoughts circulate
Well, you can feel what you like, they are yours

I wonder if I can afford Freudian analysis
I do too

I hate clever people
Don’t come any nearer



Thank you for eroticising me so much; this is ironical maybe.

Why was I crucified so frequently as a child?

Don’t use fratricide any more to “help” me.

Please never sanctify me if you care.

He keeps practicing on me.

I thought it was real.

If you hurt me I am will not criticize you I will kill you.

(This is too aggressive to be ironical)

If you can’t stop witticising I will devour you

How many criticisms can I take?

They are free