Your help to come

I did this

Cats raised from the dead free

with every bag of nuts


Cods rose to heaven.Getting new

stock on the First Friday of May

Sadness preventative advice.

Love your neighbour daily

Cats claws cut on Sundays

Minced sticklebacks on sale at

the back of the Hospital now

Roads gritted every June.

Talking cats here when Bojo

resigns owing to psychosis.

English as a second language for

cats or mules.

How to believe in Love

The clinic

My photo

So why do you dislike that Clinic

There were two dead cats in the Waiting Room.

What were they waiting for?

And the floor was dirty.

I’m not surprised.

The doctor looked at the computer all the time

I’m afraid they do.

But it wasn’t on.

Shortage of power already?

No, he hadn’t put the plug in.

One of those dreamy intellectuals

Do they read the Sun?

Are you sure he was the doctor?

He was the only person in the room.

He could have killed the doctor and hidden the body


In the Waiting Room !