Where have all the fractions gone?

My wardrobe trenzy

Get rid of all transcendent numbers of garments Counting them to ensuring War, am They are uncountable and infinitem

Ergo god is a non recurring decimal. , How can he sleep?

By marrying a rational number!

No wonder we have wars by by

Graveyard by author

We can’t even have pi garments.

And pi is irrational to

Uncountable, irrational…what fun to play with number jumbles while drinking nettle tea from Heysham and having a suicide trip in a boat in a thunder storm in fearsome Morecambe Bay .

It’s all you I have loved


If you plan to make love in the night time
If you plan to make love in the day
Have you got medicine near you?
Where is your GNT spray?

How off putting it is with a lover
If the pain hits you when you have kissed
Grab hold of that spray and then use it
Under your tongue is the best

I hope it won’t happen tomorrow
For I am getting married at last
What will the bridegroom be thinking
If I lie down on the floor and then gasp?

His mother is 90 on Sunday
She’s glad he will have a kind wife
I hope I can treat her politely
Without sacrificing my life

300 mg of aspirin
Are stashed in my handbag so white
As well as my Nokia smartphone
My book and a candle to light

But God may decide I am ready
To join in his games up above
If I don’t see you tomorrow
Remember it’s all you I have loved