Saturday jumble

Most of our bodily functioning is controlled by our Unconscious mind.

Our dreams are composed by some genius in there too.

Where do our ideas come from?

The much hyped power of the will is useless in many ways

We can’t go to sleep by will power for example.

So trying very hard or worrying all the time are not going to get us far

Although it does take work to produce anything

It seems that Cooperation between our conscious mind and and the Unknown is needed.

In religious times it was

Submission to the will of God.

We can create by emptying our mind of ideas and waiting

But it is very hard to wait.

And it’s not under our control as to what is produced.

Like with people cooperation may work better than force.

The limits of our will

When soft winds blow and air strokes our bare skin.
When days are long like melodies of youth,
when light wakes up the soul from out her sin
Then shall we know when this sweet life is truth?

When flowers droop and leaves are dried and brown;
When water’s short and all plants are forlorn’
Then do not meet disaster with a frown,
For out of heartfelt sorrow new life’s born.

When winter’s here and all is quiet and still
And nothing seems to move or grow or speak
Then we shall learn the limits of our will
for through the soil the first green shoots will break.

For seasons change and actors come and go.
Yet through such changes, life is what we know


Prayer in Guardian letters recently

By Katherine

, 16 March), it is fair to say that prayer, so understood, doesn’t work.

I wonder if there is a study to measure the effect that prayer has on the person praying? Prayer, for many of us, is not magic, not seeking the intervention of a lofty god whose reluctant arms need to be twisted. It is, rather, a participation in and a growing in compassion. It is we who are changed, through contemplation and stillness, centred on divine love.