He never met my eyes.

You knew he never kept appointments.Whete did you put them? On the piano?

Maybe they rolled inside.

Is it a Grand?

A grand, it’s a long time since you bought a piano.

Well, how often do you buy a piano?

It depends on the children.


They hide inside.

Did they meet your eyes?

Only the glass ones

I think I will put a mask on

What sort of mask?

An I mask, of course.

Fascism and post modernism

I found this on my old blog.I did not write it


“A world view quite similar to Nazism, Fascism was a pagan religion with worship of the state….main arguments…..

Like postmodernism, fascism promoted the view that reality is a social construct and that all cultures determine their own values. Vieth wrote: most people do not realise the tenets of postmodernism have been tried before in a political system, cultural determinism… The rejection of the transcendent, the rejection of Reason and the revolutionary critique of the existing order are tenets not only of postmodernism but also of fascism.”s