How not to visit the sick

I would come to see you Sunday since you broke your leg but I want to go to Mass.

I will pray for you instead

Dear God

If you cure my illness I will go to Church on Sundays for ever

As if God needs people to go to Church.

If God  did not prevent the Holocaust why would he stop your car from crashing?

Dear God

If I pass the pharmacy shall I buy you some gripe water?

I could put it into the holy water font 

Then a still small voice whispered to me

Stop talking and listen


No meaning

Alfred hates equat

I am sure solving quadratic equations is very enlightening to beetles.

And blindly using formulas is damaging to human beings.

So we are less intelligent in a broad sense.

Who invented speech and writing?

Small groups of ordinary people.

Not university professors.

Does learning meaningless formulas prepare us for obeying mad leaders?

“They” must know what they are doing.

Must they?