Converting words

Using words to capture “love ” and  store
Thinking twenty maidens will  provide
I don’t  know how to love you anymore

The mask is almost perfect, it annoys
Hatred could seep in from the outside
Converting words to weapons   which destroy

What dark secret in  your soul is stored?
You  cut down your  better self with pride
I don’t feel I love you anymore

Through the clay and stone a hole is bored
To filch the riches, weapons  can be bought
Using words to  block out love’s  real core

Loving maidens  turn to haggard whores
The savings are all stolen,more beside
 Learn to love before they close your eyes

Evil acts make evil, turning tides
Judgment finds the virtue,love applies
Use your words to capture love   no more
I’m leaving now,I should have left  before

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