From formal to informal


Good conducting helps society

With the arrival of new technology,people began to communicate using text messaging.It’s not really on to use punctuation.In fact the terser the message the easier to write.This brings back a greater need for the recipient to interpret what the sender means.And because of that it is most suited to contact between  people who know each other well.Different regions or subgroups in the same country might use different short cuts.

Tweeting is also less formal but that being so it can lead to problems as it can be read anywhere in the world.Manners and customs may disappear and indeed a lot of insults are sent this way.

What is thought to be bad  to use texting for depends on the age group of the people.Among adults one ought not to end friendships,marriages  or partnership this way,so we “mature” people claim.However if people frequently end friendships with you this way  it’s possible you might be a frightening figure who gets into a rage when crossed.In such a case ending via text message seems the height of wisdom.If it is cowardice that makes you end things like that, be brave and tell them face to face.I don’t mean on Google Hangouts either because when you end any relationship you should [ironically] be a little concerned about this other person who you may seem to be dumping with no warning.

Acting well actually makes us feel better and vice versa.Hell and heaven are here on earth and we create and dwell in   them every day.I have not dared yet to see how the vote will go on bombing but society also creates heaven and hell.We do what we can but can’t always avert  it as with Iraq.If it didn’t do much good then why will it now?Don’t text me.I’m knackered.


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