We  mix races up the hill

We don’t have hate crime here in Dent
For we ‘re reet up the dale
The road’ s that steep ,it scares the sheep
And blocks the Daily Mail.

We don’t care what race God made you
If you will sup our ale
Some can’t take the bitterness
Southerners turn pale.

If you are blonde,please don’t abscond
We like the Viking cast
We also like the thick black hair
With which owa doctor’s blessed.

We liked mixed races up the hills
And we like them down
We go to bed, and swing the lead
While the old men frown.

So some kids have big blonde curls
And some have straight black hair
Some have eyes like damson sloes
All exceeding fair.

Up here in winter it’s not fun
For all we do is knit
We can’t get down to any town
So must employ owa wit.

The evenings long ,we pass with song
Just as do the Finns
The women knit,the men all spit
Straight out into the bins.

We’re making wa first album now
It’s called the Magic Newt
We combined Handel and the blues,
Jazz and steel tipped boots.

We also like to rock and roll
And ,man,owa rocks are big
So if you come to old Dent town
Don’t try to steal owa pig.

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