Wink to me only

When I was  little I was very fond of reading.I used to hide and read all the books I was not suppose to read like The Mill on the Floss.I read  most  of Dickens but that came to an end when I read Hard Times at 12.I never read any more.I moved on to Grahame Green and Evelyn Waugh and also people like G.K.Chesterton.Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy.

As an adult I have been very interested in reading books by women.Most of them are from the USA. or CanadaI also liked Susan Hill and at one time A.S.Byatt but I think she has become too complex in a manner which detracts from the writing

So just to amuse myself here are  the titles  of some books I once read, disguised by joy.


Spar with the maddening crowd.

Lucky Whim

Horde of blackflies.

The Custodian of Rotting Hill.

Barred Rhymes.

Pull over fast.

Grating Men.

Sing Queer.

Man’s   shield sparks.

The bard in the bone.

The Hell Blah.

Litters of Beats.

Cognitive Winking.

Positive blinking.

The Ribal ….d

The Wholly Tribal.

The mythtorical Christ.

The Balms.


I welcome comments and criticism

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