I love this poem and the image of the radio

Poesy plus Polemics

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the old standards

sing sweet in my mind

simpler times

when the heartsong

gave radios life

before talking took over

the airwaves

stentorian voices

in cold orchestrations

of cymbal-crash obloquy

oh for the music

that lightened my step

made my parlor a garden

of danceable blooms

where now claxons

of grievance blare discord

insensible insults

composing grim scores

modern medium ruined

joy drained of its song

dials dead to those

frequencies once turned

and tuned to the

songwriter poet’s canzone

so I thankfully eagerly

turn up my volume of

memory perfectly pitched

more than ably arranged

to acoustically drown out

the din of this world

I refuse to call home

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