Examples of blind thoughtlessness

In the last week I have encountered once anti-semitism and once fear of and confusion about different types of Jewish folk and their clothing  in  people who might have been able to know better as they were both teachers

In the first case,someone told me  she didn’t like Zionists,ok.That is alright.We can choose our view.Did  she  mean she didn’t like them or their  political beliefs though?

Then she said she used to drive into Manchester on a Saturday and used to see Jews,the men in their black  hats etc, and she didn’t like them,was afraid thought she was inside her car,So in her mind she connected Zionism and Hasidic    Jews.But quite a  number of very religious orthodox Jews are not Zionists at all.

I can understand that in terms of  humans and .animals are afraid of strangers….. but she jumped so quickly from one to the other it would be easy to  begin to treat them differently.

After we talked about it she then changed and said she thought it was brave of them to wear those clothes.It was the dress of  folk in Russia a t the time of savage pogroms

When I see the weird outfits that many folk go  into town in I’d prefer a man who wore a black suit.Similarly many Muslim women look more elegant in their modest clothing.We are happy to see youngsters revealing their vulvas and butts  to the world in their tight leggings and cropped tops… no doubt folk of  other faiths might see them as demons.Ad I’d have to tell them they were prejudiced…

In the second case I was talking to a former Catholic who no longer believes nor goes to church.For some reason we got  talking about Jews and she said very angrily

I”t was perfectly and completely obvious from the Bible that Jesus was the Messiah and they just would not accept him”

.I refrained from asking why she had rejected him in that case.But I did say that the Hebrew Bible was edited  into our Old Testament by Christian writers to enhance those parts which pointed to the arrival of a Messiah.And that Jesus  was him.

It’s not pure prejudice,it’s ignorance of the origins of Christianity as  it is when people say,An eye for an eye is very savage

Excuse me, but when that was said it was 2,500 years ago and it was a big advance on killing people for an offence.It meant justice was best served by making the punishment fir the crime,as it were.Not killing people for lesser offences

Most people don’t have a chance  or a place in which to talk about such things and so I don’t blame them completely but this ex Christian  atheist attacking Jews  for rejecting Christ struck me as  very odd.I imagine she’s recalling what she leatned in her Catholic school 50 years ago and has never thought about it or read about it since…

So she’s not really an atheist at all,is she? Or  mind is full of unthoughtout assumptions still at a childish level

I’d have thought it more rational to  praise the Jewish religion for producing  such people as Jesus,Moses,Jeremiah and …………………The psalms etc

My main ambition in early  life was to become Daniel in the lion’s den but my gender and other factors have not allowed it so far.I am very disappointed.


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