The caterpillar cried

Is there a nutmeg in the house,the caterpillar cried.

I’ve been upstairs and locked the door,what else might I try?

I used mace for many years the beetle told us all.

If you budget carefully,the expense will not appall

I have no time to go to town,the moth indignant cried.

And anyone who says I have will very truly lie.

A Penguin cookery book fell down and hit the sleeping cat;

I’ll ask the Vicar what she thinks of coincidence like that.

We looked for maces everywhere but nothing did we find

Except an old lace petticoat  beginning to unwind.

Is there an alternative? the mouse asked timidly.

Personally I don’t put dried mace into my tea.

A housefly and a  bluebottle refused to speak at all

Because they’d just got married and were saving for a ball.

I find it hard to live like this and I shall go to bed

But all the creatures loudly cried, Oh,when will we be fed?

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