Passing for human


  • Have you ever bought something from Amazon and then received an email addressing you personally by your first name?I got one last week asking if Word could be used on a very small Windows computer.Now,if you get a message like  

    Kate,Someone wants your help about this computer you have bought.Please come to Amazon and see what they are saying.

    Then,you feel as if a real person is speaking to you.That is part of the art of catching you.At such times I remind myself it is generated by a macchine which cannot have any knowledge of me.
    If you feel it’s a person you are more likely to answer,I think.That is their trick.Of course if you have time you may like to answer the query.
    Now,look at this another way.You get comments on your blog.Maybe you have only been doing it for a year or less and you have a naive trust in human beings…..
    When a person asks for your email address claiming private messages are not a good method for communication then you may give it to them and be rewarded with admiration or even “love”
    At such a time it’s a good idea to tell yurself that this may be a computer not a human being,or it’s a human being using similar methods to the ones used by the people who wrote the Amazon programmes as I described above….
    It’s very easy to learn the art of persuasion.Freuds’s nephew was one of the first to use such methods in aid of business.
    I can almost recall his name!Edward Bernays..
    And most misleading is the person who has a very pleasant even charming persona.What they are like in the flesh, we don’t know and never will.
    Perhaps people who come over as a mixture of good and bad are easier to understand as we all have faults and flaws as well as virtues.No human is perfect.So they may be safer as friends,ironically.
    There are some men in the USA who have become famous for writing books on Meditation and Eastern religious practices.. whose private family lives/marriages are really cruel and unpleasant.I won’t name them here…You can look online.They also may be tempted by devotees rather like the Beatles were and it’s not easy to resist temptation.
    Next time someone admires and compliments you online,remind they may just be a computer…a very nice computer,of course.:)But like Amazon they want something from you.And like babies they may have tantrums when you don’t do exactly what they demand.

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