Etymolgy in rhyming verse.

I went to the doctor today

With a dull pain in my  poor etymology.

When I went in,he said ,sit down and pray.

I am studying spiritualology.


I said,doctor it doesn’t exist

Language is public not private.

He cried,Do not try to resist.

I am hoping to re-socialise it.

I said Spirituality’s sufficient

No need for spiritualology.

He told me my brain was deficient.

And it might affect my parapsychology.


I wonder if he’s in his right mind

For I only  went   there for a flu shot.

But I hate to be very behind.

I do need to go to the loo a lot.


They say that words  can kill when we’re hate filled,

And excommunicating folk is an error.

But if  life is predetermined we’re fulfilled.

Yet in our  contrarian way, we feel terror.


Etymology  passes the time well

When you’re on antibiotics for cystitis.

And even  if  it’s only a chill,

Can the bladder ever  get  tonsilitis?



I which we had been told the right names

For the parts  hid by knickers voluminous

I thought my  red tongue  was to blame.

Running right through me and out at the  terminus.


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