Seven Great Novels Written By Poets ‹ Literary Hub


This is a very interesting article and one reason why I like it is because of poets who write novels are probably well acquainted with the literature and their skills of observation, notice small things that we don’t always see ourselves and and the command of the written language is probably sophisticated.

The one area where poets may not the best writers of novels is that they may find dialogue hard to create.

We all have limitations in what we can observe because we grew up in a certain culture a certain social class if British.

I had a religious upbringing and although I no longer believe in the way that I did because I don’t think you can prove the existence of God logically find my unconscious mind is still very much affected by that and I’m not sorry about that.

I don’t live it what we call sacred to the about load as defined by the Catholic church there are many things that we can call sacred. Love or friendship can be sacred.

It’s always useful to read somebody else’s opinion about a writer of novels because there’s a lot published and we can’t we all them and we don’t want to waste our time or money

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