If your wardrobe is nearly empty and you don’t have a lot of money you may find it helpful to read this

If you want to spend less money on your clothing I have a few tips to help you.

It is quite acceptable to wear jeans most of the time.

But if you’re on a budget decide when you will want to wear them and save the expensive sort if you have any for when you are going out socially when you can wear them with a lovely top ang you’ve probably already got a top in your wardrobe that would save money Do not buy a new top wear a plain t-shirt and maybe a little scarf or a big scarf if you’ve already got one in your wardrobe

Depending on your budget you can buy them atnquite low prices or or you can spend an astonishing amount of money on them

You can get a pair of jeans in

For gardening and housework you do not need to wear clothes with holes in them.Marks and Spencer’s for less than £20 if you ‘ve got a washing machine these are the only ones you need.

If you can afford it buy a second pair. It depends on your shape whether you can wear certain brands. Look in TK maxx if you would like designer jeans for a low price.

If you can find your size it’s quite gratifying

If you don’t like jeans for wearing outside the house you can get some black trousers but make sure they washable

I know someone who wears jeans all the time except when she’s going to a formal dinner and dance when she will wear a dress. I have never been to a dinner dance it’s not my kind of thing so I don’t have any formal wear

If you can sew this will be a huge saving and you can make a vogue dress or whatever you fancy.

Otherwise a black skirt maybe velvet can be worn with different tops. If you don’t wear skirts wear black trousers.

If you pick very carefully you can have one black skirt and one pair of trousers and the number of tops and you can wear them night and day.

But it’s better to keep your gardening clothes separate from the rest of in case there is a snail or slug stuck on the side

In the winter you need a warm sweater of whatever you can afford as you can get cashmere n a sale or wool in a chain store.

For people who don’t drive it’s necessary to have a warm coat and I found a long one is necessary if you have to wait

at the bus stop whenever you going anywhere

Also such a coat will cover up all the ancient things you might be wearing and make you look smart as long as you don’t take it off

I knew someone once who managed with a needlecord skirt and trousers and a pair of jeans. 3/4 tops And a trench coat.

She did not even own a night dress but she did have a dressing gown in case someone knocks on the door early in the morning 0.

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