He wants to see me coming

When I realised he had not got a leg to stand on I could have kicked myself

At this moment in time the clocks are ticking all over Europem

When he asked for my hand in marriage I informed him that I am on the autistic spectrum..

When he said will you marry me I told him that no one could foresee the future

I asked him where he wanted to be buried he said in the seminary. Did he have a vacation?

She had a bird in her hand and I hit with a brush.

Many ands make the sentence too long.

She would have been as bright as a button if she had worn a different hat

God asked me why are you here Jeremiah?I said I’m sorry governor but that’s not my name. Then there was a whirlwind a tempest in the storm and a great fire. Alright I give in I am Jeremiah.

She said I will lift up mine eyes to the hills. So I said can you carry a bit more than that?

He did guide me to the right password once.

I don’t want goodness and kindness to follow me I want to catch up with me.

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