Oh my nerves

She said she wanted a smart phone with a stylus. Why does she want styluses?

You have clearly missed the point.

Artists must have broad vision

You make them sound like television sets.

Well I just keep on watching.

Are you deaf?

How did you guess?

Well you’re not blind but you’re stupid.

Maybe I have no taste

Don’t touch me.

Why do you feel too much?

It’s my nerves.

I saw mine when the dentist took my teeth out..

Why where had you put them

They came out with the teeth.

Homosexual sadistic nerves in

The church of England won’t marry them,

Which one will be ordained?

They have not told me their names as yet .

What reaon did they give for that?

Ihey have no brains

Put them in the government.

Come to a United Kingdom

Ruled by knaves

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