How are we going to cope?

One of the greatest risk factors for death is being alive.

The older you are the more likely you are to die so stop getting older now.

Try to develop your sense of humour so that you can see the funny side of everything.

I did not fall out of bed.

I was practising the best way to do it if it should happen to me.

I did not faint in the bathroom I was just looking for sympathy I do tell lies though.

There are too many people now who live beyond 80.

Some of them should have died to make way for me. Because I am very important. You are slightly important but not as much as I am

I didn’t realise how beautiful I was until I grew old and faded So no one looks at me in the street anymore. Men or women I don’t mind who they are I need admiration constantly

I never thought that completely pointless activity would become popular.

Instead of going for walks on the hills people run on a machine for half an hour.

I wouldn’t mind if they even did the ironing but no the running machine is better.

Machines are superior to people. And you can watch crap television while you were on the machine. That’s something to look forward to when you’re at work all day.

There’s a constant feel of Terror in the air. Are we eating the right foods of the right colour and what will happen when inflation when the rate increases further.

People have lived through worse Maybe some mutual help will develop. I don’t mean a band of thieves.

Maybe you could become a bandit and hold up people in Mercedes cars to steal to their watches. It’s better than lying in bed all day.

You think God is interested in

Us. When we are not interested in other people who need help.

God is a total mystery but he is not a fool. Try to imitate him a.

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