Please don’t enjoy your dreams while awake.

What, we have to have nightmares while awake?

Not Just read the French news.

That is a nightmare.

Please don’t steal other people’s false teeth

You mean we have to steal our own?

Please don’t spit on your bed

Is the chair better?

Please don’t touch the doctors.

The doctor’s what?

Your lawyer can’t share your bed.

What about my mechanic?

Don’t steal the sheets from the Hospital.

Well where should we steal them?

Have you never bought a sheet?

No I use the Sun.

But do you pay?

When I die

I think we have some fine artists on WP.

Are there any coarse ?

I lost my wedding ring

Did anyone notice?

Yes I had 3 proposals

Did you accept any?

The new ring road for Lands End.

Are you getting married againn

It’s cheaper just to buy a ring

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