Now students

Now students make sure you can read your own handwriting Mary said loudly just before she woke up.

And what were you lecturing on, asked Emile the cat.

I think it was Cassandra.she cried

I never knew Cassandra was interested in maths, Emile told her.

I don’t mean Cassandra Smith

Well who do you mean,?

That is the mystery of life

THE mystery Is there only one?

That’s the other mystery


The smile lit up her face, the blackness shrank

For this lightning we give many thanks

Her eyes were like green amber damp with rain

They glowed so much it gave my head a pain.

Her nose was short but did its job with ease

Every hour it gave out a big sneeze.

Her ears were pink with love though somewhat bent

Lord have mercy,she is feeling faint

Lie her down by me and I will pray .

I know the words but what do we my words say?