He suffers too


Beware the deliver pass,hard won
For I have foolishly got one
It says I can order every day
But guess what folks, they make me pay!
I tried to do one this weekend
But in 6 days I have sinned
I bought 2 loaves just for the ghosts
Foetuses, and heavenly hosts
Though my babies never grew
I still have all their gowns so new
O mother, mother, come you back
I need your arm ,I feel my lack
My linen closets full of clothes
I know the babies won’t want those
Now I’m old,I’d like to see
Their little eyes smile down on me
Tantrums, shrieks and other noise
I would welcome any voice
And one might look like my dear love
Why did God take them above?
Mysterious are his ends today
How can humans know his ways?
The Lord may give, the Lord may take
Blessed be his wounded Face
For God himself does suffer too
His eyes wet diamonds , polished dew


Make scones into a light meal

As we know here scones are usually sweet.But it you leave out the sugar and add small amounts of grated carrot and courgette they become a meal when served with a salad.[Otherwise use raisins or sultanas]
For older people don’t make very small scones as they may find them too crunchy to chew.You can bake the mixture in the shape of a large circle and cut into slices to serve.It will take longer to cook

Ingredients for 12 scones

375g self raising flour

80g butter [tasted better]

250ml milk

The rest is missing!