Please don’t enjoy your dreams while awake.

What, we have to have nightmares while awake?

Not Just read the French news.

That is a nightmare.

Please don’t steal other people’s false teeth

You mean we have to steal our own?

Please don’t spit on your bed

Is the chair better?

Please don’t touch the doctors.

The doctor’s what?

Your lawyer can’t share your bed.

What about my mechanic?

Don’t steal the sheets from the Hospital.

Well where should we steal them?

Have you never bought a sheet?

No I use the Sun.

But do you pay?

When I die

I think we have some fine artists on WP.

Are there any coarse ?

I lost my wedding ring

Did anyone notice?

Yes I had 3 proposals

Did you accept any?

The new ring road for Lands End.

Are you getting married againn

It’s cheaper just to buy a ring

At Home

He does not know there such a thing as truth.(Boris)

In here there is a huge amount of lying not admitted to.Just rearranging the world.To benefit themselves

I will come back after I give out the medication….never

You have already swallowed the tablet

They didn’t bring it.

You should be in bed.It is night.

7 pm on a Sunday.

There are no people with dementia here. (Except the staff)

No they are over there.

You are feeling much better

Take your hands off me

Your eyes are like jewels.

I was crying my eyes out

You will soon be better

You just found you have cancer

It’s nothing serious.

What IS serious?

You are very smart (you can read)

Don’t panic

Why don’t they know shouting makes us panic or attack?

Stop crying It might upset you

I can’t bear to see you look like that.

Crying makes you depressed

The cook is very good.

Somebody has to be

I’d say that ethically they are well above the Tory Party

Even Satan might be.

He’d be more fun too,


Please do not moan down the phone in this in Ward.

Please do not edit your profile before surgery

Please eat what you can or the pigs will get too fat.

There is a menu but it’s secret

We never eat ice-cream before dinner ,we get drunk.

Sherry s trifle is very good

Buy it for crime

A tablet in your hand is worth two in a bush., Don’t tell the nurses.

I have made my bed on winter leaves

I have walked the silent paths of grief
Sunless, dreary, cold and all alone.
I have slept on beds of winter leaves.

I feel that death’s a cruel, mysterious thief.
Although my heart weeps , and my joy has gone,
I have never felt I was deceived.

I have learned that human life is brief.
I have learned by sorrow we’re undone.
I have sifted earth and what’s beneath.

I have felt my dark emotions seethe
While I’m cruelly mocked by glaring sun.
I have learned the geography of grief.

I wait in patience for my life to ease.
Will I know when my Last Supper’s come?
Will my tale be written on a leaf?

Unconsoled grief can make us dumb
Into our hearts, we drag the ice that numbs
I have walked the silent paths of grief
I have made my bed on winter leaves