At Home

He does not know there such a thing as truth.(Boris)

In here there is a huge amount of lying not admitted to.Just rearranging the world.To benefit themselves

I will come back after I give out the medication….never

You have already swallowed the tablet

They didn’t bring it.

You should be in bed.It is night.

7 pm on a Sunday.

There are no people with dementia here. (Except the staff)

No they are over there.

You are feeling much better

Take your hands off me

Your eyes are like jewels.

I was crying my eyes out

You will soon be better

You just found you have cancer

It’s nothing serious.

What IS serious?

You are very smart (you can read)

Don’t panic

Why don’t they know shouting makes us panic or attack?

Stop crying It might upset you

I can’t bear to see you look like that.

Crying makes you depressed

The cook is very good.

Somebody has to be

I’d say that ethically they are well above the Tory Party

Even Satan might be.

He’d be more fun too,

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