A is not aggression

A is for the axioms we use
B for Brownian motion in a glass
C is for the circle that found pi
D is for the dots that we combine
E is the ellipse that I adore
F is for the fraction I deplore
G is for geometry and art
H is for the hidden and unknown
I was once for inkwells filled each day
J is a close relation here of G
K is my own name, I do declare
L is for the loops that string can make
M is mathematics as an art
N is for the numbers that transcend
O might be for zero or the mind
P is for the problems we all meet
Q is for the quantity of life
R is for the random numbers here
S must be statistics, I declare,
T is for topology, that’s clear
U is understanding what we read
V is for the vacuum in the heart~
W is the will power to succeed
X is still unknown but we’ll give in
Y is Yes we understand the game
Z I’ll leave to you
to make or maim

Away from home

I’ve been so far away from home

I’ve been so lonely without you

I heard the ghosts here as they moaned

And they made me feel so blue

We drove past bulging linseed  fields

In Suffolk with its bonny views

We stopped to have a meal

I can’t remember how I’ve been  

I see that you have gone

And left  me weeping here bereft

There’s always been someone

Is this another test?

I can’t live without your smile

Without your eyes and tender hands

Come with me for a while

To play like children on the sands.

Oh sands of Dunwich bay

Where the amber used to hide

I don’t know what to say

I’m sailing out on the

spring tide