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Everything has a silver lining.

I have lost that stone I carried sometimes it’s safer to be plump as you age.

Too much sugar can make you hyper activated or agitated.

So for job interviews take

Dr Collis compound.It has just a little opium and other wonderful goodies.

Oh’ s been banned

Look in your cupboard and see what you can spot.Opium was popular not so long ago.

Good for the sick

They are giving out packed lunches in the hospital so make sure your relative has some sharp scissors and Elastoplast plus a plate.

Soon they will get all their meals this way after Microwaves are installed

Alternatively you can bring them food from home. a quiche

will last for 3 days in winter .As will tomatoes.

Or send pizza to the Ward.

We can’t feed everyone.

We are not your Saviour.

If you feel àt death’s door stay at home

Why not shoot yourself and end the torment now?

Irony is good for you