An old bit of fun

Freudian endings

Of course I don’t want to marry you
Nest wishes

I am a devil with women
Holy yours

I was not at all hurt by your departure
Yours wincerely


I did once commit adultery [ with you]
Yours faithfully

Please come to dinner soon
Never yours

The day after pill failed
Yours newly

Is it my fault I had twins?
I didn’t realise it was your brother the second time
Yours demotedly

I suppose we’ll have to get married now you are expecting triplets
Your best fiend

Why did you not tell me you were not dead?
Your gravedigger

I do love you but I don’t know it is eros,caritas or agape
Your Latin Lover
Nero [Emperor]

Why play with women when you had me in the kitchen
Your curious wife
Satan’s trainee[ Julie Blogge]

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