Keep migrants in prison for 4 years?

“The proposed legislation intends to make it a criminal offence to knowingly arrive in the UK without permission, with the maximum sentence for those entering the country unlawfully rising from six months’ imprisonment to four years.”

The Independent

That wll cost as much as 4 years at Eton and may mean conditions in prison willl get worse.
Seems mad to me

7 thoughts on “Keep migrants in prison for 4 years?

  1. Governments, in my view, have resorted to criminality by deceit, always contra to the UN agreements, and at huge cost to the public, both in legislative compliance and taxation. I wonder where our humanitarian side has gone.

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      1. I feel sad about how the Government and the press are so horrible about people who are in big trouble.Jesus was crucified.He may not be God but was very wise

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