Thank you for messing with my life

Thank you for telling me I have won a million pounds.I can’t send money to you as I have no bank account.
And I didn’t buy a ticket

Yes,I was in a crash last week but it was my computer

No, my husband did not take a woman to an hotel last week.His ashes are here

My husband did kill a spider but only because I dropped the urn when dusting

If you were the Tax Office you would speak English.

I did not enter a competition for a 67 inch TV.We use centimetres now

I do not want a visa for the USA.I have no passport.And no money

There was an accident here, you are correct.I trod on a spider and I am still weeping.The spider is too

5 thoughts on “Thank you for messing with my life

    1. I don’t think it is poetry,David.It’s just for fun.I had my second jab this week so I shallbeprotecyed
      I hope.We are enjoying sunshine now & That is a big help in these difficult times.Take care,Katherine


    1. To think I can write poetry without knowing.Thank you David.How sweet to hold your grandchildren.Let’s hope we can go out i the summer time.Sending love to all of you


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