Chew these words

Please do not eat your own words at the table
My eyes rolled like marbles in the gutter but how could I see?
She was full of smart bones and loose joints but it was a bad idea to give her
a date or ten
The doctor seemed to put blue rubbers into my ear but they were a thermometer
Since I was the only patient, I could not mate in the hospital
Her eyes nearly came out of the bed
Her eyes were like sharks teeth
She muffled her cheeks in wool
I did not suffer from my hallucinations.I found them very moving
We used to meet at dawn or 8 am whichever was later
I do wish he’d put his clock back.
He swallowed my words.
My voice was strangled by a wolf
He stole my vice and was transformed into electricity
My eyes were so big he fell in
Then we all fell out

The poetry of love


The words don’t matter but the rhythm does
Verbal music gratifies the mind
Nonsense can be poetry and love

The sun is setting , where’s the turtle dove?
Music dances though it’s writ on lines
The words don’t matter but the rhythm does

I like Jabberwocky just because
It makes me learn the value of design
Nonsense can be poetry with love

Looking at the stars we see above
The moon is silver like a silent sigh
The words don’t matter but the meaning does

Now I eat my meal,I miss my dove
I hum and sing as I eat my pork pie
Nonsense can be poetry,my love

Bring the glasses, bring the oldest wine
All must share the music,it’s divine
The words don’t matter but the rhythm does
Nonsense is the poetry of love