Trembling with anxiety will circulate your blood

They say we ought to exercise
Walk up and down the stairs
Never use a Lift instead
Despite the tear and wear

I think I’ve found the answer
It’s as simple as can be
Just shake your limbs and head about
While you watch TV

But if you’re very nervous
That will do you good
Trembling with anxiety
Will circulate your blood

Or if you see men following you
Then run until they stop
They might be a fantasy
So do not call a cop

Agitation’s terrible
But even that’s ok
You won’t be able to sit down
Ot even kneel to pray

So have a nervous breakdown
You will live to ninety nine
You may not enjoy it much
But it fits my little rhyme

I suppose the answer is now plain
We have to choose our way
Loose and happy on the sands
Or shivering all day

When you die the Coffin men
Will thank you if you’r slim
Maybe a nervous breakdown
Is better than many a gym

My husband is so funny with his epileptic wit

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My husband is so funny with his epileptic wit
He gives me fine convulsions on this armchair as I sit
He sees such charming visions, he does not need a drug
When we are in bed at night he makes me feel quite snug

He throws me out of our big bed when we’re both asleep
He thrashes all the bedclothes, is it a lover”s leap?
He sees the angels dancing, they only have one pin
They are like infinity, uncountable and thin

He wakens in the morning and finds me on the rug
He remembers nothing, he asks if I’m a dog
Then he brings me tea and toast, he’s very kind and good
He’s as a witty as a clown can be, he never sheds his blood

He is hiding from me now,I can’t find him anymore
Yet even though he’s gone away,I still hear him snore


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Sleep,sweetheart,sleep I am still here
Holding you as close, as close can be
Let your mind be free of any fear
Sleep,sweetheart,sleep I am still here
Now and always, I will keep you near
Angels will be singing, you are dear
Magnificent the hosts yet few can see
Sleep,sweetheart,sleep I am still here
I hold you close, though soon you will be free