If it freezes they will die or less

You must eat your dinner on a plate
Do not contradict me,it’s your fate
The plate has golden edges, is it Royal?
The very thought will make our tempers boil

Spanish Catherine and the wicked King
Not worth keeping any golden ring
Anne Boleyn was clever ,not astute
No man should have courted her with lutes

Jane Seymour was so wise she chose to die
Uneasy lies her body, give a sigh
Katherine Parr was widowed twice I read
Before she entered into Henry’s bed

Widowed once again she met her mate
Thomas Seymour, it was not too late
If Henry were religious he would know
We submit to God, not gold and blows

Anne of Cleves escaped the rape of Kings
Looking plain and simple safety brings
She lived a wealthy life yet now has gone
This is what we meditate upon

The House of Tudor ended with Queen Bess
Now ruled by cunning Scots, we engage less
Yet even now the Scots breath their cold breath
If it freezes they will die or less

After all his efforts, Henry failed.
Would that he had trodden on a nail
The effort and the willpower were a waste
His manners angered God, as did his face

Wisdom divine

Eat your breakfast as the sun goes down
Like a cannon ball fired with no aim
In the morning eat your own packed lunch
One that needs no heated grill or flame

Always take a thorough wash at night
In the morning,dress without delay
The early bird will miss the stolen worm
So open its account now on Ebay

Sleep in summer in your dress of voile
Then get up ready for another day
Washing takes up time when we might read
Or with a naughty lover we might play

With a little wisdom, change your ways
If your mind’s unclean then you must pray

The less you wear

Oh,woman it is not your long gold hair
That draws the man into your little lair
It is your independence and your mind
Your morals and your dignity so fine

Never worry if your looks are plain
Do not suffer anguish,mental pain
For if you know the ten commandments well
You know men cannot worship you and tell

lIf your hair is thin and full of grease
Men will come to you on bended knees
For they fear too much beauty will engross
Illusion binds the heart and mind once foes

Do not be so anxious to be fair
Men will love you more the less you wear