Grab Satan’s tail

Decide with me
Past walls of heaving lies.
Past politicians who shall be the Bride?
Decisions fly like demons on the tide.
Grab Satan”s tail and take a free and evil ride.

I fear no pill
Can help the poor and reft.
All of their payments
Are to be
Put to the cracked Test.
We do not help
For passive is our state.
Send us to Bedlam for we are adrift.

Post modernism
Says all stories are good
But we must sift them
With our heads of wood.
I fear no evil
For soon I think I`ll be
Driven to seek asylum
Where the angels swim at sea


The Giant's Causeway, North County Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland | The  Journal Of Antiquities

I will always love Hugh, though John gave me his home
We married very hastily,but were by chance in Rome

There’s no place lacks combs
There’s no grace in Rome

Come to Jakarta or send me a bone
I wanted a mere threesome, though I feel best alone

Life is what happens when we are busy making puns
Come now to supper but don’t eat any guns

Imagine all the people living life in grief
Imagine there’s no laughing, imagine nothing feels
Don’t read a comic, only books have leafs
Then in the Autumn they fall out unsealed

So you want the Loons to play with
Cirque du soleil to swing away with
They’ll come if you don’t lie

Success is like a swinging rope
Up and down, the monsters joke

I decided to be a graduate but never learned to read
Thinking is of little use especially at speed

Do something useful,sweep the floor
Have some coffee,clean the door

I voted Labour all my life
I got married for the strife
Now he’s dead, I am quite lost
Noone warned me what it cost

Haarold Willson our PM
Very clever decent man
I will drink a toast to him
Though maybe not one for old Jim