I’d far rather be




There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip
Get  measured for a bra at  Mark & Spencers,We sell lingerie
 from slips to thongs,bras   up to J cup, knickers, nightdresses to please
anyone, gender free vests also available on request

Let the dead bury the dead

Let them arrange the funeral too and pay the bill

I’d far rather be

How the Irish discovered meditation

Familiarity breeds contempt

Only in  people   with egocentric minds


What’s done is done

Sounds like Himmler  In 1945

Or, a woman  upon  losing her virginity
Can you  find your  virginity?


Come to Gaza and enjoy  the sea and sands.See the latest weapons
 in use, kindly donated by the USA

Half price  holidays in our Refugee Camp.Journalists welome
Warning: don’t leave children on the beach.They look too like terrorists
At least that’s what we are told






9 thoughts on “I’d far rather be

      1. There is a certain kind of mentality that attracts people to do such stupid things. I can’t imagine being on a crowded beach like that when there is NO virus – let alone when we are supposed to be social distancing. I hate to say it but I believe a second will come. Hot and muggy this morning but its supposed to be much better after tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend. XXX.

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      2. I entirely agree Janet.I feel I’m beginning to hate some of these people.On the other hand living in a flat, closed parks etc they may have lost all common sense,If the beach is so full how can they enjoy it.I once got lost on Blackpool beach when I was 3 years old.That was packed with people and I couldn’t see my family… they found me.But at Blackpool there were public toilets every 100 yards,And people were better behaved then.Because people were poorer, you could buy jugs of just boiled water to make your own pot of tea.We took food as well though I longed for a pork pie…I saw them in the windows of cafes
        There is something wrong with people now including the common place use of 4 letter words.At home men could not swear in front of women.They had to go for a beer and swear with other men.We knew they had to swear, no doubt the stress of being coal miners etc
        Not that it was all good… children were beaten not to mention women.
        I hope you too have a good weekend in a shady spot.I have to remind myself there are people like you here, not just the silly people doing mad things with no respect.Lots of love


      3. I love your story of being lost at Blackpool….but as you say back then things were much more civilised….and like you I hate the swearing…WHY? I believe that there are many like us Katherine, it’s just that this new breed of Brits are so much louder and pushy. One day we will sit over a cup of tea and talk about all of this:)

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      4. Some of them may die after being in those crowds.It seems Britishness is changing.It’s not immigrants, it’s the natives.I suppose people like us slip by unnoticed.Yes,maybe we could enjoy some tea together or have a virtual afternoon tea!! :}Kath


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