South coast in danger

Safety is too much for us to bear
Drive to Dorset in your motor car

I know it ‘s not PC but what a shock
People being grilled might run amok

Let one have a heart attack  and die
999 can’t get there, though they try

Where can an air ambulance descend?
It’s very dangerous now, let’s not pretend

They want to send more folk to A and E
It’s  our duty to be stung by any bee

What about excretion  of all kinds
Or the thing that makes us all go blind?

Privacy has gone and we’re all seen
Urinating on the nearest screen

If your dog gets nervous he  will  bite
He has no choice it’s either flee or fight


I’d far rather be




There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip
Get  measured for a bra at  Mark & Spencers,We sell lingerie
 from slips to thongs,bras   up to J cup, knickers, nightdresses to please
anyone, gender free vests also available on request

Let the dead bury the dead

Let them arrange the funeral too and pay the bill

I’d far rather be

How the Irish discovered meditation

Familiarity breeds contempt

Only in  people   with egocentric minds


What’s done is done

Sounds like Himmler  In 1945

Or, a woman  upon  losing her virginity
Can you  find your  virginity?


Come to Gaza and enjoy  the sea and sands.See the latest weapons
 in use, kindly donated by the USA

Half price  holidays in our Refugee Camp.Journalists welome
Warning: don’t leave children on the beach.They look too like terrorists
At least that’s what we are told