Oxford students must sit exams with no clothes on


Apparently Oxford students must sit exams with no clothes on
What about menstruating people?
Stop being so negative
I always  try to face reality
Everyone will have to wear a napkin
And who is  going to pay for these?
Who do you think?
The general public, of course

 There are no men’s and women’s toilets
So who are the toilets for?
But not men or women?
Not labelled as such

I don’t want to walk in and see men peeing blatantly
You’ve seen them on the beaches, you’ve seen them on the sands
Who are you,Winston Churchill?’t
Who is he?
You don’t know?
I’m just teasing you.He was our War Leader
I can’t imagine Boris leading us.We never see him
The invisible man made flesh
Why are these leaders going downhill?
To evade the enemy within
What’s that?
How ridiculous!
But they have  glycerin suppositories
They can’t use those in War
No,we fire them at our enemy
Who is that?
We’ve not decided yet
Rome or the Palestinian Territories
They won’t harm us, they have no army
Yes, that’s what is so  cunning
See a doctor asap
Never ask the reason why
Why not?
It’s a doctrine
Does it breed?
Not here.Do you
I try my best
It’s not good enough
I know that.
Can’t you do better?
No,I am at my wits’ end
At least  you can punctuate
What is grammar without a text?
Why, you are bright after all.I will make you
The Vice Chancellor
What type of vice?
Do stop tormenting me.Make it up as you go along
Is that what you do?
Yes, it’s all I have from 7 years of higher education
Even higher education can be low in  the  UK
So true.





Grandad came with Lassy his sheepdog

I went  into the middle of the park
Thick grey fog had made it almost dark
I stood there with my cello and my books
I had found a space where noone looked

There was not much privacy  at all
The front door was left open, neighbours called
Grandad came with Lassy his sheepdog
He gave us sweets and  ate my mother’s bread

Now I have chubb locks on my front door
The neighbours do not walk here anymore
They jump into their cars and speed away
No little chat, no  updates on their day

Locked in metal cars without a map
We’re distant  or too close, so mind that gap