His absence haunts

How can it be he is no longer here?
How can it be I do not hear that voice
His presence haunts me from his battered chair

Though I have money and no needs to bare
I feel the grief, the affect of his choice.
How can it be that he has vanished here?

What is a world when loss turns to despair.
When every sheet by weeping is made moist?
His presence haunts from his beloved chair

Now we learn the symbol of the hare
Hunted, captured, killed,oh lachrymose
How can it be when love should counter fear?

Into the real, we stand and longtime stare

We’re begging, blaming, badgered, shamed and gassed

Some presence feints with ours in death’s own lairs

Now the world of man has long surpassed
The time we could blame God for what we ‘ve missed
How can it be that He is never here?
His absence haunts: symbolic, suffered, real.

A burning bush

When he  in whom you trusted turns malign
Yet does not tell you why this might be so
Just sends you hate mail, crosses boundary lines
This is both a  trauma and a blow

Shall I take  lose myself in thoughtless sin
Devote myself  to flesh and lovers wild?
I shall not run to where  revenge  may win
Nor burn my throat with  boiling, putrid bile

Humanity  turns backwards does not rush
Returns the evil with a strong, good wish
When God reveals himself, a burning bush
The flames will purify, the heat will kiss

Retaliation may feel very  sweet
But hate rebounds and  eats us, as is meet


What you can do when it’s pouring rain and you can’t write a poem

1.Read all the  comments in your Spam folder

Unfortantely for me, there were 428 but they were all the same and written in Spanish.I can’t see any sense in that

2.Put a comment on the blogs of all your followers  over a few days but make them genuine or don’t bother

3.Learn a new poetic form and use it
Different forms evoke different thoughts and ideas

4 Watch a still life drawing class on YouTube
Try it out

5.Find out how much cats cost in your town and fantasise about how you’d enjoy  one

6.Cook a complicated meal and  phone a neighbour who lives alone promising to leave half in a covered dish on their step if they would like that

7.Write an advice column on your blog.Subject….. what are you good at? What  do you know?

8 Invent a new joke

9 Find out why X is the unknown in al-gebra

10.Really feel that the world is not flat


Turn off that light

I’m in deep now,never been this deep before
The world’s hollow like a shell and I’m out its door.~
In so deep, the ocean has its own startled floor.
I’m down,down.down.never been so dark , so more
I can’t rightly tell how I got where I am
I think I had an accident,fell over, then I swam.
Sometimes it’s a loss, be times it’s a man.
I guess I only do it ‘cos I know some folk can.
I don’t know if the joy is worth the pain
Would I choose to relive it if I was born again?
The deep joy is the amazing gain.
But the sorrow is damn sad, let’s admit it plain.
I’m in deep and it’s over my head
What was I thinking of,when I fell out of that bed?
I look up and the sea’s so turquoise like that mist is red
When we get good and mad and wish some loon was dead.

At first, it was all just black,black pain
But from the bottom of the well,
I looked up with awed love again.
That’s when I recalled,feelings are broad and sane
Joy is much greater when we’re in the deep,deep zone.
I dunno if I’m ever comin’ out.
We can’t control it,ain’t that what life’s all about?
I’ll never love with innocence again,nor not feel doubt.
But I’m no teapot and the devil ain’t got my spout.
I’m swimming and the ocean’s so mysteriously bright
Down here we don’t have no day nor no night
Fish nudge me with big grins and teeth white
Sea flowers fondle me and whisper,turn off that light

Art in heaven

grayscale photo of woman with daisy on ear
Photo by Eben Odonkor on Pexels.com


I believe in God.My own father was very similar
Luckily I am a girl
Wow,Art in heaven!
Why must God’s will be done?Is the church a democracy?
What is a dictatorship? When one person has all the power without any love for others
Sounds like marriage
Why do we only get bread from God? Can’t he even give us water? I’d be better off in prison
Does everybody except me trespass and if so why?
Can’t we get into temptation without being led?
I don’t want to be delivered from, by, or to Evil
Why was it ok for Joseph to adopt Jesus.Was it legal?
He wanted to give him a good start in life

Why did God create Earth?
He wanted to grow his own fruit and befriend a snake
Why did God only want one child?
He had insomnia
Why is it wrong to lie? I can’t sit up all night
Where is Adultery?
Is it free?

Why do we not convert our neighbour’s wife?
Why do we go to church? Because they burned down the Synagogue
Did we convert?
On the face of it
But we don’t eat pork
That’s just a coincidence