What you can do when it’s pouring rain and you can’t write a poem

1.Read all the  comments in your Spam folder

Unfortantely for me, there were 428 but they were all the same and written in Spanish.I can’t see any sense in that

2.Put a comment on the blogs of all your followers  over a few days but make them genuine or don’t bother

3.Learn a new poetic form and use it
Different forms evoke different thoughts and ideas

4 Watch a still life drawing class on YouTube
Try it out

5.Find out how much cats cost in your town and fantasise about how you’d enjoy  one

6.Cook a complicated meal and  phone a neighbour who lives alone promising to leave half in a covered dish on their step if they would like that

7.Write an advice column on your blog.Subject….. what are you good at? What  do you know?

8 Invent a new joke

9 Find out why X is the unknown in al-gebra

10.Really feel that the world is not flat


I welcome comments and criticism

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