The erections must go

There once was a very rich man
His  statue  erect is now damned
For he traded in slaves
And sent men to their graves
This stupidity is sure  to  be banned

 He wanted to be seen after death
To be admired, unknowing of our wrath
He did not imagine
A changed reaction
Oh.Lord, let’s all take a deep breath


Britain has   great evil  to show
Sending many men to death row
The poor  children were  starving
While being disregarded
The system was  as cruel  as  they go

Mother, help me,mother I can’t breathe

He went inside a shop to buy some bread
Then minutes later he was lying dead
Life is so precarious   every day
Police are meant to help us on our way

United now the entire world  protests
A video of a man with neck compressed
Mother, help me.mother I can’t breathe
Oh,Jesus, you were killed between two thieves.

Now, he has been buried let  us note
No man is an island,John Donne wrote
We are all connected,  make  new laws
Ask why this  man’s murder gave us pause

Who believes, the black  folks,killed, oppressed
Were never by the government addressed?


Why not ring 999?

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Your kettle won’t boil
You have lost the tea bags
The water is not hot enough for you to take a bath
The  TV won’t come on
You need some fish and chips
A button came off your coat
The cat is on your chair
Your phone needs charging
You want some cigarettes
Yout partner is in a bad temper
The sheets need changing
Your jeans are crumpled