An arch of golden sky

All day long the thunderclouds went by
Humid heat without  dark rain’s release
Leaving now  a soft blue tender sky

Branches threatening as a lion’s paw
 Rich and wide with multi-layers  of leaf
Over all the thunderclouds go by.

In the empty garden I shall cry
Naught remains,God cannot be perceived
Hiding in a soft blue tender sky

Only those who know the truth can lie.
Should I not be glad  that life is brief?
Over all, the thunderclouds go by.

Only those who live must  later die
This is plain for Nature can’t deceive
Happy  in a soft blue shining sky

Love when lost may never be retrieved
Many are the children not conceived
All day long the thunderclouds went by
Leaving now  an arch of golden sky

Revealing love


A beam of light passed through my eyes
And showed to me a world disguised
So near,yet far,we do not see,
Unless by gift of grace redeemed.
That world is full of peace and calm
Its colours mingle,like a balm.
In such a moment all thought dies,
Revealing Love which underlies.
Colours caress my naked eye.
Sunlight blesses new designs.
I stand enthralled,and do not wish
For one delight,other than this.
My breath slows down, and filled with joy,
I rove my eyes with bliss to toy.
Everything is just itself.
This is now my living wealth.
Beneath the noise of city traffic,
This mellow joy,love soporific,
This depth and peace, is always near
When we choose Love and turn from fear