Art in heaven

grayscale photo of woman with daisy on ear
Photo by Eben Odonkor on


I believe in God.My own father was very similar
Luckily I am a girl
Wow,Art in heaven!
Why must God’s will be done?Is the church a democracy?
What is a dictatorship? When one person has all the power without any love for others
Sounds like marriage
Why do we only get bread from God? Can’t he even give us water? I’d be better off in prison
Does everybody except me trespass and if so why?
Can’t we get into temptation without being led?
I don’t want to be delivered from, by, or to Evil
Why was it ok for Joseph to adopt Jesus.Was it legal?
He wanted to give him a good start in life

Why did God create Earth?
He wanted to grow his own fruit and befriend a snake
Why did God only want one child?
He had insomnia
Why is it wrong to lie? I can’t sit up all night
Where is Adultery?
Is it free?

Why do we not convert our neighbour’s wife?
Why do we go to church? Because they burned down the Synagogue
Did we convert?
On the face of it
But we don’t eat pork
That’s just a coincidence

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