So sorrow’s ale  brings   memories of joy

The art of musing isn’t hard to learn
Instead of tablets,screens,electric toys
A spacious mind may entertain  the spurned

We each  learn this when we need to mourn
As  companions leave, of sympathy  devoid
The art of musing isn’t hard to learn.

As milk ‘s transformed to  butter  when we churn
So sorrow’s ale  brings   memories  of joy
A spacious mind  may entertain  the spurned

The art of living is  one art  we earn
By patience and  with tempers un-annoyed
The art of musing isn’t hard to learn

As life goes by,how greatly we may yearn
For lovers lost in  wars akin to Troy
A spacious mind can entertain  the spurned.

Unlike  that  mistress tempted to be coy,
We open up our our minds to marvelled joy
The art of musing isn’t hard to learn
A spacious mind  may  entertain  the spurned

Like butter in the sun

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My heart is soft like butter left in sun.
Much more heat and it will melt and run
Oh, why do we have feelings,why engage
When friendship turns into such bitter rage?

I do not wish to live remote and stern
As if I am so perfect I can’t learn
Pain too deep can mortify the flesh
Turn us into robots fit for trash

All I need is an enormous fridge
Which will make me harder than sweet fudge
I’ll go inside and pray for peace each day
If I freeze to death,I shall not say.

Oh, be of merry heart,my friends and foes
When love comes in, a little hate will go